Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So this past weekend, I thought I'd make up some of the cupcake patterns that I have seen all over the place. The first one is titled 'Moldy Cupcake' by Glee, and is awesome. My husband thought he was kind of gross, but I think it's excellent. He has some green moldy spots, but it's hard to tell in the picture. He took quite a bit longer to make than the second one, but was well worth it. Also, I changed the edging to be the same as the second cupcake; I felt the edging specified was too much.

The second cupcake is a pattern by Bittersweet, and works up quickly; I think it took me an hour. I made it as a gift for my friend Amber. It'd fun to make stuff for people while sitting in the car on the way to Tuscaloosa. It's really cute.

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