Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm not sure if I should be posting this, since one of the Pikmin on the left is a gift, but I doubt he'll see my blog anyway... :-)
I made the red one exactly like the yellow one, but used a flower on top instead (Flower Pikmin are the most powerful). I realize that technically speaking, red Pikmin don't have ears, they have noses. However, the gift recipient requested ears, so he gets ears. Anyway, here are the twins, in all their geeky, Nintendo-chic glory. See the previous post for the pattern!

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ryan said...

i looked for the pattern for these cute lil guys on the previous poast. but it was not there :( i dont know if u even use this blog any more. but i would love to have the pattern to make one for my boy friend.

id love if you could get back to me.

happy crafting